Hiram Abif's artefact

In 1119, the French knight Hugues de Payens, created a monastic order for the protection of pilgrims coming to and from Jerusalem. King Baldwin II of Jerusalem granted the wing of the Royal Palace located on the Temple Mount as the headquarter for the knights. Hence, the order become known as Knight Templars ever since.

The Temple Mount was located directly above the ruins of the Temple of Solomon, King of ancient Israel. The knights began excavation works immediately and discovered a crypt which contained a number of ancient and mysterious artefacts. One of those artefact was the tool of Hiram Abifs, the constructor of the Solomon Temple. This very powerful artefact allowed him to perform very complex calculations necessary for the construction of the Temple. Although its origins are not known, some say it was the legacy of an ancient and mysterious civilisation. Some other say that it was the God Himself, who gave it to King Solomon.

When Hugues de Payens and his knights returned to France the Knight Templars order grew rapidly achieving great wealth, prominence and power. Armed with the newly discovered ancient and mysterious lore, they began Gothic style and laid down the foundation of the modern banking system. With Knight Templars being guardians of the peace, Europe enjoyed 200 years of peace and prosperity.

In 1305 the King Philip IV of France, together with Pope Clement V, both being heavily in debt, decided to appropriate Kinght Templar's wealth. At dawn on Friday, 13th October 1307, under fabricated accusations, they arrested the entire order. Prosecution, torture and executions followed. However, many members of the order escaped and managed to hide and preserve their secrets and mysteries leaving Philip IV and Clement V empty handed. Both the king and the pope died horrible deaths soon after and the entire Europe sank into a long 100-years war and turmoil. Nevertheless, every Friday the 13th is considered unlucky ever since.

The ancient and mysterious artefact of Hiram Abifs is a very powerful and dangerous tool. It can be used to design and build things of great beauty. However, it can be also used to inflict immense destruction. It is therefore necessary for you to put your principles to the test of merit, before you can be granted access to this ancient and mysterious artefact of Hiram Abif, which was found by Hugues de Payens under the ruins of Solomon's Temple in 1119....

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